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Get Involved

When people come together, great things happen. Here's how you can get involved, and start helping us help the communities around us!

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How Dayna's Footprints Works


Dayna's Footprints' Board starts by working with Community Leaders serving underprivileged children in various neighborhoods.


Those leaders help us, through their available means and connections, to establish which children in their area are the most at need. 

Target GOAL

We establish a target number of children that we should reasonably be able to raise enough funds for to help in a gifting event.


Fundraising begins to meet our target amount to serve that established number. Community Members, Businesses, and Neighborhood Fund Drives help to raise the funds.


Once the funds have been reached, we work with the Community Leader to set a target date, where we will meet the children established to be helped for that year. We then coordinate with a local store, making sure the date works with them, and to allow them to staff appropriately for the event. 

THE MAgic Happens

Once all the behind the scenes details have been established, and confirmed, we meet the kiddos on their event day.


They join us at a designated retail location, and are able to pick any one pair of shoes of their choosing, and they get to take them home, all paid for by the donations raised during our fundraising campaigns.


The joy on their faces shows that this is where the magic of Dayna's legacy happens! 

New Sneakers

Join Our Cause

We'd love for you to be a part of what we do. Please reach out if you'd like to:

  • Apply to be a Community Liaison so we can help kiddos in your area.

  • Volunteer to help at an Dayna's Footprints event.

  • Help us to connect to other's who would like to donate or volunteer.

  • Get help with any further questions.


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