The Million Pound Challenge is how Dayna's Footprints began. Over the month of November, participants attempt to lift over a million pounds of total weight volume. By sharing their progress on our leaderboard and by social media, we generate enthusiasm and donations. Pick up some weights and join us!




Join the Challenge

November 1-30, 2020


To raise money for these shoes, we invite you to:

  1. To participate in the One Million Pound challenge.             

  2. Help get the word out by sharing our content and hashtag. The hope is people will see it and will donate for your time and effort in the challenge.

  3. Donate yourself. We appreciate any and all amounts! Every penny we raise will go towards providing inner city kids with shoes to return to school in after the Winter holidays.



What do you mean by "a million pounds?"

What if I can't lift that much?

We're tallying up total volume (weight times reps). For example, if you bench press 50 reps at 200lb, your volume = 50x200 = 10,000.
Reaching a million pounds in November requires a daily average of 33,333lb.

I need help creating a workout plan?

At Dayna's Footprints, we believe in the process before the outcome, so you can participate in any degree. Feel free to team up with friends to reach the goal, help spread our mission, or simply make a monetary donation. 

I'm lifting, now what?

Lucky you! Sam and Sharif are fitness experts and are happy to help you find a routine that works for your skill level. Please contact us for guidance and download your FREE workout regimen here!

Be sure to spread the word on social media with hashtags for #daynasfootprints and #millionpoundchallenge, and update your progress on our tracker!